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    yep lass…she has even opened an oldies eyes  ;D  i now totally understand why in the potteries in the 19th centuary mothers could leave babes with dog in charge…when i read that stuff? i did wow and then dismissed it as a thing of the times…lucy is red hot at alerting…dylan trusts her totally…and parents both understand…she really is a nanny in every sense of the word…when they came home with him and they put him on the floor in his baby seat she took him a ball…she fast realised he wasnt able to interact that way…yet…so she has waited …that vid is to die for…nic did it as a response to the negative staffie stuff that about this week…am so proud of him too… :yes: and debbie for trusting what we have said/say…….my heart bleeds for the staffies now being PTS or misunderstood or being used as ‘hoodie’ dogs….all too sad esp when you can see what i have seen in the last year…


    what you got?

    i got a bone…

    mmm can i see?

    yep sure

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]

    [img width=351 height=468][/img]

    is it a toy?

    no it a bone … see??

    [img width=351 height=468][/img]

    boring…lets play

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]

    if we must

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]

    i can chew and play


    To the person who has replied to Kizkiznobite – This dog is one of my re-homes, I take re-homing incredibly seriously so if you have any concerns about this placement please have the courtesy to come forward to me and provide your identity and explain your concerns to me as my contracts are incredibly strict and I have enforced them before now in situations where I feel the placement is unsuitable.

    Many thanks,



    Thats lovely to watch Bev – is just how aeryn is with mine, she adores them, they bring her their toys to play fetch with or she will go find one, even puppy knows she will play fetch, and i wish i had had the camera the other day-  aeryn was mucking out on the floor and fletcher was bouncing around, she suddenly threw herself down laying her head on the floor but sticking her bum in the air – next thing i know hes bounced across the room happily yapping and play bowed at her – which resulted in ridiculous amounts of giggles from aeryn ( think she probably peed herself haha) and a very happy puppy!!


    Saw in the news the little girl who was hurt by the staffie, her Mum wants all dogs muzzled and kept on a lead near kids. Knee jerk reaction.
    I understand this, my son was pinned to the floor by a Dobie when he was 2 years old. He had not done anything to upset the dog and once it had pinned him it was going to go for his throat until my ex kicked it and I grabbed my son.
    My son had nightmares for over a year about big black dogs and if he saw one he was hysterical, it took time and patient to overcome that. When my sister told me she was getting a Dobie it freaked me out, now if people see her dog and Willow together they will keep their kids away from Farrokh but let them grab at Willow. Farrokh is as soft as shite and would never hurt a kid Willow on the other hand is not keen on kids and would be more likely to bite them than Farrokh

    I am not keen on Staffies, two reasons – one is I love long coated dogs, short coats do nothing for me and two I have only ever met one lovely Staffie bitch, most round here are not trained or treated right so are too full on or aggressive.

    Watched the program on BBC last night, about the dangerous dogs. The way some of those poor dogs were kept it’s no wonder some are problem dogs, surprised they are not all out of control .
    Half starved living in their own shite, not walked or trained.
    Some even with this ill treatment were happy, friendly dogs, others were defensive and strung out.
    The sooner they sort out the dangerous dog act out and go by the way the dog acts and not the breed or appearance the better. 

    If my view upsets anyone………. sorry


    You’re allowed an opinion Lassie  😉 I prefer short coated dogs haha!! I’m sure if you met Sky you’d love her though  😉

    Fab video and pics Bev, showed Matt and the boys and they loved them 🙂 Have shared on my FB 🙂


    lassie…no person should mind an honest open opinion…lets face it…if they do the prob theirs not yours…and you know what?…you should be proud that you took your lad thro the dog fear barrier…cos believe you me many mums dont…this may suprise some folk…but there is a breed i wont work with…those close to me know what it is…and i am not going to name it because it is not the breed per se but me…it is me that has the problem because it a breed i cannot ‘read’ cannot communicate with…aint the breeds fault…but..what i did was accepted that it me and then contacted other trainer/bevhaviourists that do and if i get a query then i refer…that an educated decision for the sake of those dogs…i know my weakness areas lol

    i know the prob with staffies…lord do i know it….the likes of sharon at rescue rem sure as hell prob knows it better…( auction good by the way…worth a look )
    we know all the staffs and staff x in places like battersea for example…and yeah…some are no hopers some have been ‘trained’ so be like in the prog…some are xxxxxxxxx etc


    some are like lucy……….and it may be only a few…% wise…but jeez…those few??

    am sick of reading ban the deed not the breed to be honest…it like the dog is not just for xmas…it seen its day…

    hence nic putting out that vid…that vid is brill…not just as a nice vid…but as a babe with dog…and that dog? could have been a lab a rottie a dobe a beardie a terrier a whatever…you know what? sure has hell couldnt have been an ami and i say that not that ami a ‘clumber’ but as ami as a dog ….

    and that is where i am at…and no …it not about a breed…but…when a ‘breed’ gets shite in the press and news etc and there are gut reactions then it natural for those that really know the breed to kick in…

    no DD act will cure this…can make as many alterations as you like …this not a DD act problem….this a human society problem…hey…think about this

    hoodie type choose clumbers and so cue to fight attack??  tell you what….god forbid

    or how about a wee shelti…fast on feet…blur of furr…

    a beardie? i seen beardies in defence mode …their speciality? they look cute…

    it a human problem……….it aint a dog or a dog breed problem………it aint a problem that can be dealt with by any change to the DD act…


    Trouble is the DD act is a whole lot easier to change than the human problem mores the pity.
    If they put to sleep humans that attacked people there would be no overcrowding in any country.
    Just had a problem with my neighbour ::)
    fence panel damaged in the high winds, panel knackered, need new one – broke :'(
    Old one on her grass ( not cut for over a year)
    must have panel moved by the weekend or it will ruin her grass ::)
    New panel must be up by April as her son don’t like dogs and he may see Willow, she has other kids in her garden so the fence must be fixed.
    There is another small fence in front of it so Willow can’t get through, she don’t do kids anyway so she won’t go in her garden if kids in there even if she could get through, kids age is 12


    is this your responsible boundary fence?

    law dont saw it has to be abc…just xyz  😉

    pick up old one of her prop..tho really you dont have to she should and hand back…if boundary in place by whatever??? then boundary in place…



    Yep my responsible boundary fence ::)

    Sister did have some bright orange plastic net type fencing, wonder if she still has it >:D
    She tried to prop up the panel against the fence but it kept falling down ::)


    Long nails and a big hammer is what you need, we loose fencing every year here no matter how well fixed it is, but my neighbours are friendly we help each other stick them back up

    [quote author=*Lassie* link=topic=16059.msg283958#msg283958 date=1327618907]
    Yep my responsible boundary fence ::)

    Sister did have some bright orange plastic net type fencing, wonder if she still has it >:D
    She tried to prop up the panel against the fence but it kept falling down ::)

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