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    phew – thank doG for that ;D
    jst dont get them mixed up!

    have your weekend break – we will talk about whistle cues next week

    have a good time ūüôā


    By jove she’s got it!!¬† What’s that Bev? ‘about bloody time too’!!¬† I know, I know!!!¬† I’m much better at ‘doing’ rather than reading how to do stuff.

    I’m sure we’ll have a cracking time – off for my tea now and finish the packing !!

    Catch up with ya Monday  :-*


    so dogs left(dog facing me) , is my right arm signal, but say left
    does this nor confuse the dog if the dog is next to me, and i say left, and use left arm as want dog to go left??

    or is this why we do dog left and right so can do it when facing u and when not!?


    t h i n k – remember – you are cueing an action not the result – as in cue sit when lying down

    if the dog is facing you and you stretch out you right arm as the visual – what way in to his/her body is the dog going to turn? if you cue it right then the dog will always turn that way – ok?


    im sorry im sure i get this!
    i get the cue the sit, when lieing down, fist over head bring in back to get her to sit up, but with the left and right a dog will not know their left and right , so will it ever be on verbal only?? i think i get the arms i think, dog will go where arm is pointing even if no verbal

    dont worry, not started this one will leave it till i fully understand!!


    back track – why does a well cued dog push bum in to floor when lying down and cued sit – you told me this remember – the sit is bum on floor ie the action – if dog lying down then bum is on floor – so if you cue sit then bum will be pushed further on floor so we say upsit yeah

    if the dog is facing you his left is your right etc – if you verbal cue right to go your right the dog is going his left – so when he next to you – if you cue your right – then he will still go his left

    it is the action that is verbal cued – not the direction – everyone got that?

    so jayne has it correct ;D well done to jayne


    If you are walking forward and you want the dog to go right you shout right. ¬†The dog will turn and go right!!! ¬†When training and dog is facing you – this is about what way the dog is facing so you dont say right if it is the dogs left. ¬†Think Dog – do it from dogs perspective once it is in place and firm the dog will turn to whatever way you are visually cueing and go the correct way. ¬†Do it from dog’s view when teaching it.


    ok i got it!!


    COME = your left
    GET = your right

    old school horse driving  ;D

    quote :

    so jayne has it correct  well done to jayne

    I surprise myself sometimes !!  LOL



    Which of the 2 whistles you recommend should I get, does it matter which?


    i would say get a 2 11 1/2 but see what waggi says


    thats what i have got  ;D


    [quote author=Jayne & Murphy link=topic=3988.msg60835#msg60835 date=1155155252]

    Which of the 2 whistles you recommend should I get, does it matter which?

    I like wolf whistles………….¬† ;D

    Been a while since my fat *rse attracted any though  ::)


    Waggi – where did ya get it from ?

    Mudgie – aw I’m whistling at ya now !!¬† is that better?¬† :-*

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 106 total)
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