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    Only cos you cant see me!!!  ;D


    Oh, have we had the pleasure of your photo on here Mudgie?


    Yes it is under Feeding in the topic “Who ate all the pies” 😀


    claire put up a post where to buy whistles from at a good price with lanyard


    Mudgie – can’t find it !!?!?!?!

    Cheers Bev !


    Oo, I’ll have to search tomorrow (if the PC at work lets me!!) my eyes are killing me and I’m off to bed – Night ya all !!  :-*


    game fairs
    gun dog shops or country sports shops

    uhhhhhh entwistle guns in Preston do them but im trying to think where would be more local to you

    ring Blackpool air rifles and ask them they are in phone book


    Thanks Waggi, now all I need is the basic commands for the whistle and how to introduce them, Beeeeeeeevvvv (please  :-*)  ;D


    lol – Jayne!!  I have just started whistle training with Emmy!  It’s not going as bad as I thought!  We started with recall and noy going on to anything else until she has got it!!

    The basics are 3 for recall, 2 for sit and 1 for stop.

    Good luck with it!!! 😉


    Thanks Lisa

    I whistle myself at the mo for his recall and stop, not quite got the stop though, need to read Bev’s instruction and do it that way rather than do it myself.


    yeah I know what you mean, I have never done stop with Emmy, and trying to get her to do it (without the whistle) is a nightmare!!  When I say stop, she comes in like a recall and stops in front of me!!!! 😀  Its so frustrating!! but we will keep at it!! ::) 😀


    Murphy does that sometimes !!!  ::)


    are you using the dogs name – if not then it will be your body language – i do not have stop on verbal at – if the dog is hyped and the chances are will be cos you in a position to need dog to stop – then voice means go to mum – if the dog is looking at you then visual if not then whistle -if the dog is coming back then you burning the stop and also your recall cue is weak or the dog is confused -you have to get the dog to stop on a recall too – as in claires vid


    Yes, I have been doing that now!  I was saying stop aswell as the visual.  So do I not say anything and just do the visual? :-\


    I have just found the ‘STOP’ post so have printed it out!  Her recall is good, I just think she is getting confused as we have never done this before and we have only just learnt recall on the whistle!  information overload I think 😉

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 106 total)
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