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    you got it – have fun ;D


    I’m sure we will Bev – thank you !  :-*

    His left and right verbal and visual is getting even better now, such a proud Mum, he amazes me sometimes.  We were having so much fun last night in the gale force winds  ::) that we were out for over and hour and a half!!


    [quote author=Jayne & Murphy link=topic=3988.msg59277#msg59277 date=1154630711]
    Ah get ya!!!  ::)  ::) Just tried it out on him.  Although, I don’t use the visual and verbal together.  If he’s facing me I use my arms but if he’s not I use the verbal, so he would be going to mine and his left or right.  Does that make sense  ???  ::)

    still not sure i get this (sorry bev!)
    or at least after reading am thinking???
    so 4 cues for left and right, 2 visuals and 2 verbals – if she facing me i point left when i want dog to go right (as we stick to dogs left and rights – i get that bit)

    erm no just think i do get it, you said bev action is not going left or right but the beh you want is turning the shoulder to the left right whatever soooo i should be able to when dog next to me say left and/or use a hand signal for left (left hand) and the when facing me then when i want her to go my left her right, point left say right

    have i got it ??? 


    errmm  ;D don’t know have you  ;D

    dog is facing you

    1) you spread sideways your right arm (visual cue) you say left (verbal cue) – the dog going to go left yeah – as in her left

    2) the dog is next to you on your left and you are both facing the same way you want dog to go left –    so your verbal cue is still left

    but…if you had put a verbal at 1) of right to match YOUR arm direction you would have taught her her going left needs a cue of right

    is that any better  ;D


    i get it, get how to train and use! and thats the main thing

    BUT i just dont get how the dog learns it. in like ok dog going left is them turning into left shoulder so no matter what, the verbal is always left if you want dog to turn left shoulder and vise versa i get that bit, but what i dont get is the visual if i point right and say left for the dog to go her left when dog is facing, surely that is different to me pointing left and saying left when dog next to me — or is that the point???


    but that is just the point  ;D for the dog it is the same behaviour – turning to her left what ever way she is facing  ;D ;D


    so where ever i point she turns and whatever way she turns into her sholders i say – and ok i get it!!!

    i cant be the only one  ???

    NOW how to train, it dont really say on start of this post, i freeshape to mat (just one at a time, and start to slowly move the mat away from me but still level with to my left/right, do this with both seprate and then both mats test the learning!

    Right off to make a training plan!!


    phew !!  ;D

    take it slow – get each mat fluent and reliable before testing – treat delivery in front of you will set her up for the next behaviour – dont remove mats until fully fluent – but you reduce their size  🙂


    I bought one of them clickers at Crufts that have the treat in the clicker tub, makes life so much easier, one click and its in your hand, the other ones were a bit hard in getting the treat and the click on que, also she sees the tub and knows whats going to come next.
    Only wish was that i had bought a couple of them at £1.00 each  :'( one for each room.


    nooooo they are awful – the worse clickers on the market  🙂


    [quote author=bisto link=topic=3988.msg131076#msg131076 date=1173896325]
    one for each room.


    and some im forever losing my clicker!!

    but i move mats out too do i then once that fluent reduce them in size.

    so set up if im sitting, mats level with my knes then her just in front of me, facing me? and treat infront of me, so im bringing her back to middle right i got it!! and to start can click any movement towrds the mats or even leaning of weight till she realises what i want!


    OO why Kiz are they unsafe? 😮


    sit in the middle of your sofa – put mat out to the right side of you about 5ft – free shape to the mat – delivering treats in front of you so she going to mat and coming back in order to be set up for the next behaviour – pick that mat up and put another one similar but not the same 5 ft to the left – free shape that – then pick that up and do the other one again – when it is all fluent start to visual cue – then pick it up and put the other one down and do the same – then start to increase the distance and mix and match the picking up of the mats – when it is all fluent put both mats down and test it – if that test is good start to add the verbal – test that in a difffernt criteria – when it flunet start to reduce the mat sizes – eventually remove the mats as the final test  🙂


    bisto – not unsafe just crap – because the treat delivery is incorrect and treat delivery is the control and because the ones i saw needed kibble in and wouldnt take a softer treat and kibble is not good for clicker work unless you need the noise of the treat landing in long distance exercises like the stop  🙂


    doing the left and right, she going to the mat and i clicking her touching the mat, but she is turning her shoulders both ways if you see what i mean she is doing almost a spin rather taking the shortes way!

    do i need to start clciking for the turn of one of the shoulders then to the mat as the shoulder turn is  part of the beh isnt it?

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