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    you will have come across this woman at shows i am sure…izz can copy you in on messages i have sent from a behaviour point of view…she a pain in the  :butt: :butt:

    she has a real downer on breeders but is a rip off beaviourist twat…


    yep will do


    Done  ;D


    the mood i am in…and no it def cant be hormonal… >:D so they tell me  ::)

    wish she would join the board… ;D could do with a good tree to kick  >:D >:D


    Email Lisa for what she copied from that post  >:D >:D

    I can clarify I was not rude or insulting I mearly asked did they know whether after filming if the dog was removed and taken for a break or home.




    Lisa with Blu the weimies, got another 2 weimie girls and a pug!



    just had a quick flick at her site  ::) that was enough…jeez she really into ‘avoidance signals’ aint she?  she needs cubert for a weekend…avoid that…yeah we think we need to avoid that but will still wag tail so just avoid it if you want me to wag tail…and as for that…no no i dont want to…see mum…i am avoiding that… ::) ::) ::) percy…hey…we just going to avoid life ok  :ok: unless it involves…food or momum or lying on box or barking at folk or or …and would love to ask her what exactly it is she see’s as an avoidance signal…..ermmmmm  livia you are going out so jumping on mo’s chair to avoid the rain is not going to work…. ::) ::) silly cow…hot room dogs pant…hot room showing dont want to mum..dogs hide and pant…jeez…but hey…she got a btec  ::) ::) ::)

    wish she would join

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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