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    Hi all !

    It has come to my attention that in the last fortnight 3 members of this board have been decllined by rescues because of predudice against other dogs, or children living in the home.

    This sticky will be specifically to give tips to avoid predudice and upset for those with extra special homes to offer, and will also reccommend rescues that board members have had *personal communication* either verbal or via email which will consider people on an individual basis.

    As you all know I am a busy little bee so can I call upon members here to ask any rescues they currently have contact with about their “rehoming policy”. 

    What I would expect as a minimum from rescues you are putting in here is that they do one or more of the following …

    (1) are prepared to listen over the phone or via email to initial enquiries
    (2) if they are then followed up by prospective adopters the rescue would agree to have further telephone conversation and/or meet the whole family in person
    (3) not put arbitary age limits for homing with children
    (4) not make an issue if the home has a number of dogs already, and also entire dogs present

    If you could put entries in the following format it would help keep the thread tidy 🙂

    Rescue Name  Rescue Website (if present)  Rescue Contact Details

    NB: I want to be clear that this list does not mean the rescue will automatically consider you for any/every dog, just that people will be considered on their own merits and advice will be given on appropriate dogs for your situation 🙂



    Mill Rescue 
    01205 461093 

    Rescue Remedies 
    020 8549 6494

    http://futuresfordogs.co.uk  (in process of moving)



    Warrington Animal Welfare

    will get number for you



    ohh claire is that bonnie i spy in the Mill Rescue!!!  ;D



    Joly … it might be 🙂  doesnt she look happier now she is home 🙂

    Claire x



    she certainly does!!!  ;D



    Awwwww I want all the dogs from Mill Rescue :-*

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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