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    I am off for the weekend be back Sunday, Will be a Richmond Saturday and Herding Sunday with plenty of food and drink in between
    Have fun


    Have a good one Val  :ok:

    I’m off to watch a football match on Saturday with the boys and Ellis’s girlfriend, yes Ellis’s girlfriend  😮 she’s what you call a Carlsberg girlfriend….. loves sports and football and supports Liverpool, what more could he want haha  😀


    Have a great time Val!

    Will be about Sat but not most of Sun as am at Richmond too  😛


    Have fun im doing sod all  😛

    My best friend is off to paws in the park camping and they wouldnt let me go  :boooo: and my mum and dad are off on a much needed mini weekend away  ;D i groomed a poodle for a groomer friend long story she offered me her caravan for a week/weekend free to say thanks – i didnt want it but let my mum and dad have it and just 3 weeks or so ago she bloody let them down  :nono: so they found somewhere else short notice they deserve some time away been a bit of a shitty year for them till the last couple months!

    so im on strict instructions to behave and for baby to stay put till they all get back  😀

    so will be around most of the weekend just going to work tomorrow to gorom the hairy ones!


    You take it easy Suz!  :order: Else I ‘ll send my hairy beastie to you too  :tease:

    Hope your parents have a lovely break too


    Am taking it easy for sure!!  ;D Grooming Dex is so easy cos hes SO good!! never a chore unlike the Diva who will just get a bath  😀

    Though if Claire had her way id be doing her new collie pup whenever it arrives  ::) i like her but seriously what part of IVE FINISHED WORK AND AM ON MATERNITY LEAVE AND DO NOT WANT TO GROOM ANYONE ELSES DOG do you not understand  :agree:

    Apparently shes down both october and nov – can she visit – hell i dont even know when this baby is gonna pop , or when i will have to let my ex visit – last thing i want to do is plan visits  :nono:


    I saw that on Facebook, that is very naughty to try to get you groom.  :nono:

    Stand firm, tell her she better off finding someone closer, though I thought she did go to someone near her  ???

    And you missus, feet up, legs crossed (till your parents are back!) and rest up!  :order:


    Im not doing the dog even if she begs – like i told her i have NO SHOP now, i am NOT repeat not grooming out a hairy collie in my own home!!

    And who got on Mancuns nerves you see the post in natzs behaviour thread  ::)


    Mancun is trying to get a rise, going to go investigate that person.

    Stick to your guns hun!


    Just put in the other thread ‘Colin’ re Mancun!!! A previous pissed off member I wonder, no give away in the email addie  :-\

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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