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    Hi All,

    Myself and a few people from another forum walk weekly on a Sunday (from about 1230-1pm) for a couple of hours around Sutton Park, Suton Coldfield, Boldmere, West Midlands.

    Everyone and anyone is welcome to join us (even if you don’t have a dog to walk – can borrow one of mine!  ;D )

    If anyone wants more details (although there’s not much else to tell, please let me know.

    Laura xx


    Hi I’ve got an approx 2 year old rescued gsd who really needs doggy company, he;s a real softy but does initially over react with excitement when he sees another dog (rearing up and barking) this can be quite off putting for anyone with another dog facing him but all he wants to do is play, we have been to doggy training but his excitement overrides his need to learn and the trainers just don’t appreciate his need to play, he tends to lick other dogs to the point of drowning once he has calmed down, if your still walking could you let me know please, regards Jo


    Hi 🙂 I’m Katie, im 15 nearlly 16 and looking to get me and my dog abit fitter, and looking for a group of people to walk with! If you can please do

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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