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    Dermatologists Yes very expencive

    [quote author=Mark. link=topic=11873.msg229252#msg229252 date=1215549691]
    Are there such things as skin speciallists at vets?


    [quote author=Val link=topic=11873.msg229246#msg229246 date=1215548892]
    As I said before it ain’t ringworm now we know it’s not mange we will go forward.
    I am thinking both food and to spray him with Neems that site that Lassie put up last night looked good as they have a spray already mixed.



    Good thinking Val, in the very least the Neem can’t hurt to give it a try.  So food, he has had a patch on his nose on and off for a good few months but it flared up about a month ago and then maybe two weeks ago now we noticed his ears.  As you all know we feed Toby Burns, have done since January [and his anal gland problem seems to have now cleared up].  Bones for teeth cleaning and for treats he likes a bit of cheese but I give very very infrequently as I think too salty and fatty, liver pieces, small pieces of chopped apple, small pieces of carrot.  He likes a raw egg now and again too.  Can’t think we’ve done anything differently but I will give it more thought as something might spring to mind.  Am going to broach it again with Alex in the morning as its getting late, if he still feels antibi and steroids the way forward then I want to re-discuss with the vet to be sure she and we have a full picture and she understands where we coming from.

    Would be interested to know re faecal tests too.


    faecal tests show parasites and bugs good and bad – they show the state of the gut flora


    it sounds as if he isnt utilising enough zinc from the diet

    can you list an average 7 days of diet including training treats – and supplements – so all food consumed over 7 days

    steroids will clear it up – but it will return unless you find out the cause
    antibiotics will work on any infection but will hit his immune system


    agree with bev re the steroids and antibis  :-\ bev would it be worth her trying some natural anti bis? cant remember what you say to use?

    And Angela – you say a good few months with the skin problem? Not since ummm you started Burns by any chance? I only ask cos Honeycant eat it- makes her bad skin too  :-*


    anti-biotics are natural – it’s just the prescription ones are a manufactured version.  ;D

    think manuka honey has antibiotic properties.  :-\ but don’t quote me on that.

    like i said – would still want to rule ringworm out 100% if it was my dog whatever it looks like, then would look at an exclusion diet.  🙂

    if alex aint convinced why don’t you ring and speak to the vet and ask them if dietary intolerances or allergies can cause the problem?  😉


    I think Bev will know what I meant re the anitbis – after all was talking about manufactured ones as that is what Toby was being offered.

    Not Honey not what I was thinking off  :-\

    Vets will probably agree allergies COULD cause that – but then they dont know what it is either way so would still offer steroids cos thats what vets do.


    yes i know you were talking about the manufactured ones – i was just pointing out that antibiotics are in fact natural – was penicillin and alexander fleming and some sort of disgusting mouldy stuff originally wasn’t it.  😉

    like i said wasn’t sure if it was honey.  :-\

    yes – but think the problem is alex isn’t convinced so if they speak to vet and vet says yes it could be diet then he might be convinced enough to try exclusion diet instead of Antibis and steroids. am sure i said all this on the last page or the one before but nobody took any notice.


    Thanks everyone, all this is really helpful  :-*

    We have decided to go with the vet this time, purely because Alex and I are now in agreement that we don’t know enough about the alternatives but we do need to gen up on this because I personally don’t like taking antibis unless absolutely have to and it often leaves me more susceptible to other ailments in the following weeks and months.  Although this will doubtless clear it up we are thinking food, will do a seven dayer later this afternoon cos got to help my mam with the shopping but it did start three months after feeding Burns, not sure if this is a long enough lead time to be cause but will think about it and like I said do the 7 dayer.

    I do feel a little disappointed that we going down this road but as I say I need to feel 100% informed and right now we putting our trust in a vet in the same way we do a GP, it the researcher in me I like to know the far end of a fart as my dad always tells me  ::) But absolutely right we need to crack the cause and am struggling to think it anything but allergy, that said would be intersting if anyone has thoughts re fungal infection?

    Thanks again all, will be back later for more!


    hiya, did you manage to put together a full list of what Tobes gets in a week as Bev asked as even if you are going to go with anti bis etc you will still need to get to the route of this, i don’t think you want to use anti bis every time it flares up do you, so maybe if you could do that for Bev she could identify any areas that may be need to be looked at.

    i argued over months & months with my vets, we had loads of tests done and in the end we all agreed that there must be a food intollerance somwehere in his diet and now thankfully my vet didn’t push the tinned (expensive) crap on me and we agreed to literally feed a base diet, lamb mince (BC so shouildn’t have a prob with lamb) brown rice & bran for bulk…this was fed cooked everyday for a couple months and it all stopped he put weight on his coat got fuller & shiney and he started being a healthy boyo  🙂 BUT it is taking me a long time to investigate & reintroduce other foods (i want to get back to Bev’s diet for him) i now know he can’t tolerate peas, but to find that out i made a pan of base food and added a few peas probably a handful which is split into about 8 meals so only a few per meal and his botty exploded instantly, so i stop go back, reintroduce peas again, same thing (checking it wasn’t a case that his yummy just needed to adjust) so ok forget peas, next was carrot, carrots are fine so he has them in every meal now….

    through all this he has always had his beef marrow bones fewer at first maybe 1 a month now more frequent, this last wekend he had a lamb bone and ate the whole thing, no problems, so now he will get more of those…

    so you see it could take a very very long time, but if you do a diet for Bev she might see something obvious which could be a great starting point…sorry post is huge now  ::)  🙂


    If it is a fungal infection the Neems would have stopped it can’t agree with putting antibiotics into any dog on a maybe there should always be a reason and as for steroids better not go there.
    As I and other have always said You should always look to the inside of a dog for what is happening on the outside.
    But you must do what you think is for the best hope you have deep pockets cos going with a vet costs alot


    yep vets cost alot i paid out lots and lots and lots, have HUGE overdraft thats maxed out now  ::)

    edited cos i can’t spell!


    i think fungal is unlikely i would just want to rule it out but that’s me.

    i would be thinking allergy. if there is infection along with underlying allergy antibiotics will clear it then it will come back because the allergy hasn’t gone.

    if you are going down the vet route then before starting the medications i would go back with a list of questions and ask them stuff about what has been said on here – like about food and exclusion diets and things. think of everything you want to know and interrogate before starting tablets.  😉


    [quote author=SuzAndTheDiva link=topic=11873.msg229329#msg229329 date=1215587336]
    agree with bev re the steroids and antibis  :-\ bev would it be worth her trying some natural anti bis? cant remember what you say to use?


    Olive leaf extract .. or something like that –  we have used it before.. is good


    [quote author=zerlinda link=topic=11873.msg229397#msg229397 date=1215612171]
    yep vets cost alot i paid out lots and lots and lots, have HUGE overdraft thats maxed out now  ::)

    been there to, credit card and over draft :-\ not nice to be there

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