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    I am just about to start CD/UD/WD/TD and PD. I have seen a giant doing some obedience the other day at a show and it looked great, however, with the high scale required, 6 foot, I.m not sure a giant’s shoulders will hold out, so looking at a standard, preferebly black. watched 1 in germany doing it’s manwork, fantastic to watch.

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    Thanks for the last, it make interesting reading.  :agree: The perception from some non-doggy people can be quite aggressive and bemusing, and from some who view what we do in the public sector with narcotic and explo dogs is a violation of there human rights.  I think what we do more or less mirrors what you have stated and does fit with our requirements. We don’t publish our test as some breeders/providors then train to pass and then ask a fortune for a dog that has a cosmetic cover having been applied by the providor.
    Thanks again.

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    Sweetypye. I agree with what you have said. :agree: We look for the recovery (abreaction) after a noise, not how the noise affects. Is the rotty test on any site, I would like to compare it to the test we use when bringing in gift dogs from the public, which are normally over 12 months old. We no longer use the problem solving test in street dog puppy testing. Our puppy assessment is to make sure the dogs will make working dogs, we grade on the results.

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    Gracie. When any dog comes in for refresher training they are trained on bulk, more than 1 gram (up to 2 kg) in some cases and what we call filter papers, that is a piece of cut paper the size of thumb nail and left in pack of drugs overnight, this is then tapped clean and placed out for dogs, so seams and tight hides can be searched for. The dogs static indication is actually what we teach should the handler not recognise the indication, or the precursors when the dog is in the scent picture, we as placers of hides can see it because we know where the hide is and recognise the subtle changes in behaviour when dog is on periphery of scent picture.  The only reason no reward comes in for a non-known indication is the dogs are so quick to learn a false indication and have handlers over, especially cockers. We constantly try to have the dogs over because if we can, then you can bet the users on the street will be able to, training as much as we can.
    Ken :educated:

    “One should learn something new everyday or your brain will go to mush”.  Yes, it did drag on a bit but, I would prefer to be reminded of the dangers on the streets today with my dog. So many vandals are distructing street furniture with their behaviour, it is an assault course walking down the street now.
    So don’t always shoot a messenger.

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    Hi, I am a new member. 
    In my profession we assess our street dogs at 49 days old using something very similar to the Wendy Volhard assessment. We have turned 2 of her test around as they give completely the wrong response for what we are looking for and have quite a good success rate. Our search dogs test is quite different using drives, prey and hunt for what we are looking for, again with good response.

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    Can I also add, The “‘Kennel and Canine Pedigree Registration co” is not the Kennel Club and a site that will issue a pedigree with little or no confirmation of pedigree lines.  I have an experience with this pedigree co as you cannot contact them. A breeder from Kent issues these pedigrees with this format and will not use the Kennel club. His lines are dubious as well.

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    New to site.
    I am not a big clicker user, but have used food reward for a lab, funny how that worked so well. However, that dog also after a while refused the food, reason, owner was allowing the dog to graze throughout the day by leaving a food bowl, full of food on the floor, dog, hard to believe for a lab, had had enough food. Change to owners feeding regime and it started to work again.

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    Gracie. I am new to this site and read your comment re sniffer dog training and what was seen on the TV.  I train search dogs for a profession and will give the reasons why you saw what you saw. Firstly the dogs have a very sensitive nose and will if allowed indicate on residual scent if any is available. If something else present was noticed by the dog and the dog was rewarded, that scent would form part of the scent picture, having been rewarded, the dog would indicate on that same scent if presented again and you end up with a dog indicating falsely. It did happen with a bush meat dog also indicating on plantain bananas as both were constantly hidden in African flights. So thats why no delivery. Re the second where the pack was put back for reward, as the pack had been tampered with and opened, the scent picture and disturbance would have been greatly enlarged, this does cause a small problem for the dog as it is trying to indicate on source and as the scent is every where it makes it slightly harder.  I trust this explains what happened and why.
    Ken.  Borstal barker. :ok:

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