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    Lol yep that’s aeryn she’s 2 now πŸ˜€

    jessy is settling in great went off lead first time today no problems, love her!

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    more pics – gorgeous ain’t sheΒ  :agree:


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    hahaha i know, i almost cant believbe it myself dont even like jack russells but this ones pretty special πŸ˜‰ how is your little pint dog?? xx

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    no idea diesel – but is a slight improvement on the restricted diet……… maybe theres our solution !! i hope so! hes happy though, he loves all the visits to the vets!! hes still coughing to, but almost certain it not kennel cough vet checked his throat and said is no irritation………….weve even had a chest xray done – vet wondering now if its from over grooming – hair etc cos hes always chewing at his feet….so seeing now if it ties in with his skin flaring up!

    dexters skins all cleared up , almost certain its just stress with him bless him!

    and i think someone waved their magic wand because………..if my home check goes ok and the boys like her, after xmas i shall be bringing home a new rescue dog……………and its little and NOT fluffy – i know shock horror! is a little jack russell πŸ˜€ xx

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    No i dont think i could ever afford to buy it – long as shes happy to rent it long term then im happy to πŸ˜€

    still NO idea whats wrong with fletch, hes on a real restricted diet – and totally flared up yesterday out the blue –Β  all his allergy tests are totally clear! its so fustrating x

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    Hey πŸ˜€ loving living here – still only renting but its a billion times nicer than where i was! and so close to my family its lovely.

    Fletch – no so good, hes had his biopsys done and bloods/skin scrapes just waiting for the results, has his eye op monday – chest xray was clear which is good, his coughs much better but still comes and goes!

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    You should go to your council – they will house you, and most council properties take dogs.

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    hes adorable Diesel! x

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    Yey πŸ˜€ but Diesel………….really…… should know better by now…….wheres the PHOTOS!!

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    Thanks guys – wont be trusting him off lead for a while, not cos he will bite i just worry he will run off in fright!! but on the lead hes doing good so its all a good start!

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    got a pic – have you check for any exit holes further up the foot – am thinking grass seed….

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    Hiya and welcome – i have 2 american cockers, a mini poodle and a lhasa cross, plus 8 cats – one pedigree BSH the rest are rescued, one was a silver tabby and her two tortie babies, then a rather large maine coone cross – plus 3 maine coone cross kittens!!!

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    you are going to have SO much fun – he will be as feisty if not MORE so than your boys πŸ˜€

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    blimey, i wouldnt have more than honey if i couldnt have insurance!1 fletchers bill now stands at Β£957!!!! id find the money, stick it on a credit card if i had to but its hard cos is just me and aeryn and only me to pay the bills!!! insurance is a god send for me!!

    he had a check up monday, he had to be sedated and have the ducts flushed through again poor sod they tried while he was awake but its just too fiddly and he was getting upset ,and i dont want that so they knocked him out and did it quickΒ  – hes still on eye drops but is def an improvement now so fingers crossed he gets the all clear in 2 weeks time!!

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