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  • in reply to: Lost – Fatfield area of Tyne & Wear #76803

    Thankfully he’s been found in Heddon!

    in reply to: Some advice please ….I’m panicking a bit! #87211

    Thanks Val, he’s fine today, a lot better, prob just a 24 hour bug, he just been out, normal wee and poo so looking a lot better thanks

    in reply to: Some advice please ….I’m panicking a bit! #87207

    Hope little Doug is feeling better, Toby seems to be suffering from something similar, Val, he’s been off colour today and I’m almost sure its a tummy but but he’s panting a lot too, very unusual for him, any ideas?  Dehydration or possibly something else?

    in reply to: and the moral of the story is… #91137

    Bloody people,Toby and I were walking down the street two weeks ago, group of kids coming past, all 7-8 year old lads one had a stick and they were just playing but Toby gets on edge with teenage lads and they were all in a big gang so he was a bit skittish , one tried to stroke him so as always I said don’t stroke him, he’s a bit grumpy and might bite blah blah so one clever sh**e ran behind and grabbed his tail, got the fright of his life when Toby snapped and although he didnt get bitten he was blumming lucky, I was like a bag of nerves

    in reply to: MY news #99702

    Aw, pink poodle, so beautiful!  That’s exactly the sort of dog I wanted when I was a little girl but now I have an adorable ragamuffin instead!

    in reply to: Sherbet for dogs? #87131

    Thanks Bev, he seems to be coming down from it now, all that is left is a barky boy and a sugary sticky beard, will leave that for Alex to clean when he gets back I think!

    in reply to: Best dog names you’ve heard #98857

    We know a little Pom called Prince Charming, Prince for short, he is so sweet

    Just a quick question, have you bought the JA from this website before Bev, just not sure on whether it’s a secure site?

    Thanks x

    in reply to: MY news #99644

    Brill Suz, it’s coming along fast  😮 good for you!  Has the Diva entered the building to give it her seal of approval yet?

    in reply to: MY news #99641

    Wish we lived near by Suz, Mr grumpy here (he’s not been out as far the last week with his iffy leg!) could do with a good groom!

    in reply to: doG give me strength ………. #91075

    Quote – “The lady was very concerned” said Mark “she was worried about the puppy and about the cost of the rescue”. Mark was able to reassure her that there would not be a charge from Dyno Rod. “All we were concerned about was getting the puppy out alive” he added.

    That just boiled my blood, poor pupster

    in reply to: Frightening reverse sneeze attack #87037

    Phew, thanks guys, the description you found describes it exactly Laura, its a really strange thing to see but I wont panic next time now I know that’s what it is.  Re the furball though, do dogs get them?  Its just his mad licking set me off thinking about it, or is it just cats?

    in reply to: MY news #99631

    Wow!  Just saw this now, amazing news Suz! The shop looks great, and huge!  Enjoy  :-*

    Thanks everyone, he’s just gotten up after a wee snooze and is starting to try to walk on it so it seems to be easing off, he’s confined to the hall for the next few days so he cannot run and jump around and he seems a bit more chilled out tonight. Bev, re gluc and chod how do I guage quantities, he’s about 5.5kg?

    Thanks Bev, should have said its the back right leg and will get the liquid sjw tomorrow AM thanks.  In terms of  supplements  :embarrass: am embarrassed to say none because he’s young and he gets plenty fish oil and other oils for his meals but I was going to ask about those next, I know he doesn’t need calcium because he’s on barf and can’t have b yeast because of his itchy scratchys but what about kelp, and is he too young (he about 5) for flexijoints etc?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 421 total)
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