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Dog Club registered members not logged in!

The forum I did use for Dog Club membership no longer allows members to log in and edit their links. To edit your link, click the exclamation mark next to your link. You will then need to complete the 3 distorted letters in the form. An automatic email will be sent to you where you can edit your link. If this does not work, complete the form above the 3 distorted letters and include your new email address if needed.

To add a Link - find the section you wish to appear in and look for the 'Click Here' link at the bottom of that section. Please consider if the content of your web site fits the section you are looking to join.

If you know where you wish to add a link, short cuts are below:

UK Kennels - UK Breed kennels, usually with an affix
UK Breed Information - Home pages and forums for specific breeds in the UK
UK Dog training clubs - Training, broken down by county
UK regional services - local pet sitting, boarding kennels, vets and other services by county

Other dog services - none breed specific and anywhere in the world

Breed page for rest of the world - all kennels, clubs, forums for specific breeds outside of the UK

Picture gallery - add a picture to the breed gallery page

To edit your site without being logged in, click the exclamation mark next to your link. Scroll down the next page 'Report a problem' until you see 'I am the owner and wish to update my link'. There you will see a form with distorted letters. Fill the form in and a link will be e-mailed to you, using the e-mail address used when the link was added. If you do not get an e-mail with the link, go to the report a problem page again, but this time fill in the form at the top with your e-mail address. I will then manually look at the problem (this will take time).

Should there be a problem with finding the location for your web site to be added, please drop me an e-mail with an explanation so I can look in to refining my questions.

If you do not have web site have a look at Simple Sites partnership with Dog Club , here you can create a simple page that can be used here.