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Other Dog Links

Rescue and Welfare - RSPCA, NCDL to your local animal sanctuary
Publications - Newspapers and Magazines sites
Organisations - The Kennel Club, Dog aid, Anti docking alliance, Council of Docked Breeds
Pet Insurance - For Vet Bills
Dog Food Mfrs - Pedigree, Purina etc.
Pet Products - Companies that tend to specialise in one product or area
Pet Product Suppliers - Pet Shops
On Line Shopping - Pet Shops on-line
Grooming - Clippers and Shampoos
Health Care and Nutrition - Medicines, Hydrotherapy and alternatives
Dog Giftware - T shirts, Plates, Embroidery and more
Dogs and Computers - Kennel/Pedigree software, Other Dog Directories and Information sites
Dog Links NSC - Anything that can not find a home anywhere else! (NSC - Not Separately Classified)
Dog Humour - Having a laugh
Dog Art - Dog Portraits and paintings
Pet services - House sitting, Dog Walkers.
Rosettes - For every prize winning dog
Pet Holidays - Where to take your Dog on Holiday
Dog Training - Nation wide Dog Training Services and Products
Gundogs - General information on Gundogs, Hunting and Shooting
Show Scene - Information on shows, results, schedules and catalogues
Dog identification - Micro Chipping, Tattoos and registration schemes
Pet advertising services - Pet sales (Buyer beware, see my disclaimer page)
Dog Fashion and coats - Clothing for dogs
Rainbow bridge - Pet memorials
Dog cages and crates -
Hydrotherapy and alternative therapy -
Kenneling and runs -
ABC Fundraising Animal Shelter - ABC Fundraising has provided a large list of fundraising goodies and ideas to help raise money for Animal Shelters.

Pet CBD Health - Look after your Pets health with Pet Health CBD

Vaping with Pets? - Should you vape around your pets? Find out here.