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How to display Dog Club links

If your links page is continually going out of date with dead links, you can now display a range of Dog Club Links on your site. All you need to do is follow the steps below and then enter the resulting code in to your web page.

Select your breed

Which links you want displayed

and the height (it is pixels, 550 is normal) of the links window then just click

More changes available to be made to the code

<!-- Dog Club iframe. details at -->
<iframe width="520" height="550" src="****" frameborder="0"></iframe>
<!-- End Dog Club iframe -->

The abbreviation required to replace the ****, can be found on the breed page

The code above will by default display all the link categories on the breed pages: Clubs, Breeders, Other Information and other countries links. By changing 'linksall' to one of the following you will be able to limit what appears.
linksother - will omit Other countries links
linksbreedersandclubs - will only display UK Clubs and breeders
linksclubs - will only display UK Clubs
linksbreeders - will only display UK breeders.
If you would like other combinations or other parts of Dog Club made available please let me know.

When the links appear on your page you may get a scroll bar on the right. To remove this you will need to edit the height="550". By increasing the 550, uploading the page and refreshing your site you will see the changes. It will be trial and error to increase the height enough that the scroll bar disappears. If yo increase it by a very large amount you will get a large blank area at the bottom instead. Also remember that new links are added on a regular basis, so you may need to keep an eye on the size.

The small print

The links page that you will display on your site will also contain links to other advertisers. These links may be changed at no notice. All advertisers will be reputable and suitable for adults and children.
To be kept up to date with new features in the dynamic links, and the rest of dog club you will need to sign up for the mailing list.